Suggested reading

Because we like a good are a few titles that have helped us with this research.

Bachelard, Gaston 'The Poetics of Space'
Ballard, J.G 'The Atrocity Exhibition'
Briggs, Raymond 'When the Wind Blows'
Dixon, Norman F., 'On The Psychology Of Military Incompetence'
Eliot, T.S 'The Waste Land'
Funder, Anna 'Stasiland'
Hawkins, Hildi & Olsen, Danielle (eds.) 'The Phantom Museum and Henry Wellcome's Collection of Medical Curiosities'
Hoban, Russell, 'Riddley Walker'
Lacan, Jacques 'The Four Fundamentals Concepts of Psychoanalysis'
Newark, Tim et al 'Brassey's Book of Camouflage'
Patten, Marguerite 'Victory Cookbook'
Perec, Georges 'Species of Spaces and Other Pieces'
Protect and survive: the manual
Sassoon, Siegfried 'Collected Poems'
Sebald, W.G.'Austerlitz'
Sebald, W.G.'On the Natural History of Destruction'
Sebald, W.G.'The Rings of Saturn'
Singh, Simon 'The Code Book'
Woodward, Christopher 'In Ruins'
Woolf, Virginia 'To the Lighthouse'