Tables Vol. I

'As from twelve noon today the central Government will cease to function and the administration of the country will be handled by 15 regional commissioners'  Emergency committees in major towns and boroughs announce the different classes and numbers of evacuees in The War Game (1965)
A family runs to hide under a table after a nuclear strike in The War Game (1965)

The team who invented radar in Castles in the Sky on BBC2, Thursday 4th September 2014, 21.00

Creating a nuclear fallout shelter from a table, as advised by the Government issued Protect & Survive manual in The Young Ones, aired November 1982
Tables for all purposes: at which to eat, talk and spend time with family; to play on, under and behind; at which to work, muse, read, write; on which to present and display; over which to plan, strategize, formulate; from which to deliver, direct, declare.

Images showing a few of the varied uses of tables on the home and war fronts, from The War GameCastles in the Sky and The Young Ones here, here and here.